A one stop shop for all diversified services.

Based at Singapore, we are a group of industries providing diversified services in a cost effective way. When people wanted reliable services, we were there to provide them the much needed services in electrical construction, IT, calibration and rental equipment. Having won the confidence of customers, we then decided to reach further heights by opening offices at Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hongkong and London. What has lead to this tremendous success? Our far sightedness, visionary leadership, hardworking professionals, innovative practices, will to change and priority given to customer satisfaction have put us on the top rung of the ladder. We aimed to become a globally preferred service provider and we have become one. .

Our business ethics:-

• To serve with honesty and integrity.
• To be law abiding.
• To be prompt in responding to customers.
• To build trustworthiness.
• To treat all fairly.
• To keep employees happy.
• To build customer loyalty.
• To serve community as well.


Be ethical and prompt in serving customers and become globally successful.


To adopt all practices and business principles that will help us provide the best services to customers.

We offer the following services:-

• Electrical construction.
• Calibration.
• IT services.
• Rental equipment.

Why should you choose Best Standards?

• Passion for perfection.
• Dedication in work.
• Timely delivery.
• Quality services.
• Customized services.
• Affordable prices.
• 24/7 customer care.

Tell us what your requirements are. Call us +65 6458 4411 We will respond immediately.

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