Electrical and Electronic Calibratiion


Expert calibration services for all types of Electric and Electronic gadgets.

Are you an industry owner that houses many electrical and electronic instruments? Do you check the calibration of these instruments? Do they give precise measurements? Every instrument needs to be checked frequently if they are giving accurate measurements. Best Standard provides calibration services for all types of electronic measuring instruments. We calibrate electronic and electrical instruments for DA and AC voltage, current, time and frequency.

Multimeter calibration-

We calibrate handheld, benchtop clamp on, digital and analog multimeters. We test and service Fluke meters, Megger and other AEMC multimeters.

Oscilloscope calibration-

We calibrate hand held and bench top oscilloscopes including all major brands.
• Power Supply calibration: - We calibrate AC and DC power devices which are the power assets of your industry. We see to it that accurate power measurements are reported.
• Insulation Tester calibration: - We calibrate both bench top and hand held units.
• Micro Ohmmeter: - We calibrate all kinds of DLRO (Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters). These instruments are used to test circuit breakers, bus bar joints and wires and cables.

We provide precise calibration services so that these instrument work prim and proper. We also calibrate ammeters, sound level meters, tachometers, conductivity meters etc.
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