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ISO Accredited range of Mechanical Calibration Services.

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With the country’s economy growing in leaps and bounds, many manufacturing industries have been setup in different parts of the world. These manufacturing industries sport various mechanical instruments to measure various factors. These instruments should be calibrated well so as to show accurate measurements. We at Best Standards, offer mechanical instruments calibration at affordable prices.

We offer the following services:-

• Pressure calibration: - We offer both hydraulic and pneumatic pressure instrument calibration. We calibrate transmitters that link sensors and display, dead weight testers, pressure gauges and transducers.
• Dead weight tester calibration: - We calibrate all model and types of deadweight testers and also give test reports that are accurate.
• Pressure gauge calibration: - We calibrate digital and analog pressure gauges.
• Pressure transducers and sensors calibration: - We calibrate air flow monitors and sensor modules.
• Manometers and barometers: - These are instruments that measure gas flow. We calibrate digital and analog manometers and barometers.
• Hygrometers: - We calibrate digital analog and portable hygrometers. We also calibrate humidity sensors.
• Torque calibration: - We calibrate torque wrenches, multipliers, screw drivers.
• Force Calibration: - We offer force calibration from 0 to 10000,000 LBF. We calibrate force instruments like force gauge, dynamos and load cells.
• Flow Calibration: - We calibrate coriolis flow meter, turbine flow meter and magnetic flow meter.
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