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Solar-powered traffic light is the signaling device positioned at road intersections and pedestrian crossings, especially in remote locations in order to control the flow of traffic. There are several advantages of employing the solar-powered traffic light in the remote terrain or area compared to the conventional traffic light system. Solar-powered traffic light system is easy to be installed, portable, does not depend on the main grid power supply. One pole system with/without pedestrian crossing light, 3 poles system for T junction and 4 poles system for intersection with multiple configurations and selections are offered by Best Standards, as provided in the supply package in this brochure. SOLAR


  • Independent from the main power grid
  • Perfect solution for remote locations
  • Low maintenance and high reliability
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  • Sell excessive power back to the utility grid (with optional solar meter setup)
  • Low maintenance and high reliability

  • Factories
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses


    Commercial Solar PV System are ideally suited for any business that is looking to reduce rising energy costs. Our kits are suitable for most installation sites including roof tops and on the ground locations. Choose from the standard line of pre-configured commercial on-grid solar PV kits ranging from 10KW~500KW that fits your specific power requirements. We offer flexibility in design and product selection as well as on-site support to ensure the success in this solar project.

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